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The leads were weak!
We were fed up with spending too much time on a broken stock research process that didn't consistently give us enough good leads. Wasting hours hunting and pecking through fragmented sources: message boards, stock screeners, trading platforms, stock picking services, and news sites trying to keep our pipeline of trading ideas fresh... Our platform replaces a broken and painful time-consuming stock research process.

Although we sometimes found decent leads from these various sources, seemed we were missing that "big picture" group of stocks about to make wild short-term moves from the mobs of fast and dumb money piling into them.. and thus, missing ripe opportunities to profit from.

While all of these products and services are worthy in their own right we couldn't find one or even a few sources combined that consistently gave us all the most actionable stocks and ETFs organized and ranked on one screen.

We believed there had to be a better way... so we finally scratched our own itch and built a platform around one specific concept: Producing the market's most actionable trading ideas concentrated on one page. We just wanted the juice... Our current product, the realization of this concept. Read on to learn more about its origin and evolution:
Re-discovering "actionable"
We're not expert traders (yet), but we've had our share of good trades. In retrospect most of these very profitable trades exhibited a common behavior during the time we traded them: wide price ranges and sustained volume increases. Ironically, this extra volume and crazy volatility sometimes even offered "forgiveness" for those positions in which we made sloppy entrances. It suddenly hit us that we should only look for stocks and ETFs with this kind of "highly actionable" behavior. Notice the Berserker's numerous leading indications of big swings in SkyPeople's stock price:
We concluded that these "highly actionable" tickers were those ripe for a strong move because of a serious supply-demand imbalance. Even amateur traders with some good risk management could quickly capture a profit from them. We knew we were on to something... it would be easier for us to profit, and profit quickly, from stocks that are highly actionable; and we shouldn't commit time or capital to stocks that aren't. We set a new goal: mine the market for only "highly actionable" stocks. But how? Headlines read bankruptcy for SGY, but three massive Berserker spikes from $3-$5 led to a strong double:
It wasn't until studying 18 years of trades and market data that we deduced the two conditions for a "highly actionable" stock: a steady and simultaneous swelling in both price volatility and volume over sequential time frames. Initially named this gauge the "herd velocity" as it requires more participants (herds of bulls and bears) and more catalysts (excitement and controversy) to increase a stock's volume and volatility at the same time. In sum, the conditions were more traders and more emotions behind the price action. Multiple Berserker spikes show the fear and greed keeping Alere's stock in the $35 to $45 range:
Berserker spike with extreme hammer candle flush on Matson leads to a solid 15% gain in following days:
When a stock attracts more participants and exhibits increasingly wider intra-day ranges there's a higher probability of quickly capturing a profit in the short term. We needed to figure out how to measure this "herd velocity" and systematically apply it to every stock and ETF in the market ... because we wanted to narrow down the most actionable ones as our candidates for the next day's trading setups. By default our prospecting engine sorts on Berserker (Herd Velocity) descending, surfacing the most actionable names:
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Scratched my own itch
Couldn't find "herd velocity" in any service or platform so we had no systematic way of measuring it let alone seeing if it was rising or falling day to day for any given ticker symbol. Then we spent many nights and weekends working on algorithms to measure or "gauge" this for every US equity and ETF. The result was a sophisticated scoring engine that crunches a year's worth of price and volume data everyday after the market close which enabled us to rank the entire database of equities and ETFs by highest herd velocity. With this we could finally see the cream trading ideas rise to the top. 11/16/16's top names included many dry bulk shippers... confirming greed, euphoria.. and opportunity in that group:
The engine was now generating fresh batches of the most actionable symbols from which we could find several highly probable setups for the next trading day. Just as important, we wanted to visualize the sustainability of a stock's herd velocity plotted over time with its price and volume data - telling us whether the party would be around for a while or if the carnival was packing up and leaving town. The first big Berserker spike in DRYS led to 500%-1000% gains. Among 2016's largest 3-day gains (long and short):
EnteroMedics explodes out of downtrend. Berserker holds up, showing signs the party could be here for a few days:
The 5-day party in Rand Logistics ends in a climactic pump and dump. Smart traders captured 60-120% gains:
Your key to good leads: Berserker Gauge
After a few years we finally iterated the algorithm to incorporate 52 weeks of price volatility and volume data to systematically quantify the "herd velocity" and then coined it the "Berserker Gauge." This sophisticated actionable scoring engine, incorporating data from multiple time frames, cuts out the market noise and really allows you to see which symbols currently have the relatively strongest and sustainable herds behind their price action. High berserker values typically indicate a massive short-term supply-demand imbalance.. or, in trader's terms, munneeee. An early Berserker spike warns of a pending move in Avianca. The follow through spikes confirm:
Several random Berserker spikes coupled with the steady rise in TMobile's Preferred stock offer intriguing clues:
Solid Berserker spike after a wedge breakout in Weight Watcher's chart led to a solid 20% gain:
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A Platform for Traders, by Traders
After building a process to consistently grind out the Berserker data for every stock and ETF in the market, we began to scrutinize it after every daily update. During the platform's experimental stage we started to immediately see the "hottest" or most actionable symbols concentrated into the first page. Victory was ours! Fresh batch of names from a random day (10/17/16). Notice the various sectors and prices:
It was hard to believe as it became real and after every daily data update we still get excited to see the wide variety of fresh and highly actionable trading ideas. Suddenly we had more trading leads than we could handle and could spend more time planning and focusing on setups for the next trading day. Another batch (from 11/2/16) with even higher Berserker values:
At this point we realized we had to organize this data into a product so other traders could utilize it. Much more work remained before it would be commercially ready. We went back to the lab and looked for key data we could use in context with Berserker gauge to create the most value in our decision support system for trading ideas. What would compliment Berserker to give us even better leads?
Process of Elimination
As traders we want to find setups with a good probability of making a quick profit and to avoid committing capital to unproductive positions. We built this platform around this "Berserker Gauge" to narrow the entire market down to the stocks with the craziest herds of bulls and bears. We set a goal to become more productive and profitable traders through a sustainable pipeline of highly actionable trading ideas. Specific criteria yields a juicy set of actionable leads on 12/8/16:
We've learned that in the context of trading day to day the market doesn't care much about long term estimates, financial forensic analysis, or other business fundamentals so we built the platform with a focus on proprietary technical gauges and indicators rooted in price and volume action. Traders just care about symbols that have a high probability of making a big move tomorrow or in a few days. The "Berserker Gauge" was the first revelation. Highest Berserker stocks for 1/12/17
We believe fundamentals are already factored into a symbol's price and volume. Looking at earnings reports, balance sheets, and economic data won't give you the clues for the big moves that are about to happen tomorrow. Price and volume will... and good traders only care about where the herds of dumb money and big money are moving right now so they can quickly scoop out their profit and move on.

Just as important, traders want to avoid tying up capital in positions that have a high probability of tight ranges and little volatility. Utilizing the Berserker and Flux Guages in our platform helps you weed out all the unproductive "zombie" stocks and ETFs from your list of prospective trades.

No more hunting and pecking all over the internet from various sources of hype and speculation to find your next trading idea! The Berserker Gauge uses a solid mathematical formula rooted in price and volume to quantify the relative actionability of every equity and ETF in the US market. Our platform gives you these highly actionable leads fresh daily - it brings the cream to the top. I'm ready, sign me up for the good leads
Like a "Treasure Map" for Traders
If you're a trader its crucial you know which equities and ETFs have the highest concentration of "herd" money right now. The Berserker gauge quantifies this for every US Equity and ETF. Our platform is really an unfair advantage for exceptional traders - those highly skilled in planning the best setups for symbols most ripe for big moves.

Look at all this juice in the next screen shot.. there's so many fresh and juicy leads ripe for the picking that we can't contain our excitement.. In fact we're so enthusiastic about it that I yelled "Look at all this juice" aloud while typing this paragraph. Here's a solid list of potentially big movers pulled for 1/19/17 using specific criteria:
Another solid set of results using same criteria for 1/20/17
We're confident you will find two or three good trading ideas everyday from results like these in our prospecting engine.. we use this platform ourselves everyday to find several leads for the next day's trading. Another simple, yet powerful screen targets low price tickers ripe for big moves (1/19/17)
Remember, our platform provides you the leads... but for every single lead you find its on you to:
Gauging Volatility with Flux
The Berserker Gauge was the beginning. There were other key behaviors we wanted to quantify and use in conjunction with Berserker to really narrow focus to ticker symbols exhibiting specific characteristics for highly probable long/short setups. The first thing that came to mind was intra-day volatility. All else constant we prefer stocks or ETFs expected to make wild daily moves over stocks that likely won't. Flux was developed using a complex formula to determine a symbol's typical daily range. Simply, a symbol with a Flux of 12 will have a much wider daily range than a symbol with a Flux of 3. Screen for 1/19/17 sorted by highest Flux. Notice Globus Maritime's Flux is off the charts:
Good traders are scraping cream daily off Globus Maritime's consistently high Flux (60?? That's insane!!):
Elasticity: Bull and Bear tug-of-war
Until now, you might've seen that indicator above Berserker comprised of lime and pink colored bars and asking.. what the heck is Elasticity? In simple terms it lets you visualize how far a stock is stretched above or below its normalized "at rest" price level and confirming whether the bulls or bears control the price. But the algorithm underneath of Elasticity gauge is far from simple. Long's solid support reflected in Magellan Petroleum's Elasticity... nothing but green:
While Berserker Gauge quantifies the "craziness" in a given stock, which we originally referred to as "herd velocity," we experimented with ways of gauging other specific characteristics we believed were important for increasing our odds of profitability. We wanted to visualize who was in control of a stock's price.

We started experimenting with a stock's price relative to a range of its moving averages to determine how stretched (elastic) the stock's price is relative to its averages which ultimately became our 'Elasticity' gauge. We're so excited that there's so many charts with beautiful Elasticity patterns that we want to share with you. Here's a taste: SeaChange's Elasticity stays red the past several months; shorts still control the stock:
Interspace's initial and subsequently more powerful reversal in Elasticity signals amazing trading opps:
Stemline's head & shoulder pattern with weakening and broken Elasticity signal a possible move lower:
Shorting early snap and steady breakdown of Zendesk's positive Elasticity leads to 25% gains:
After numerous iterations of plotting Elasticity data with a symbol's price and volume it becomes a kind of tug-of-war indicator, revealing sustainability of bullish or bearish momentum (whose in control?). Large changes in Elasticity with sustained follow through can also indicate key reversals in price (and control). Portola's stock is held down for months until a powerful reversal in Elasticity leads to oppt'y for 15% gains:
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Visualizing Social Anxiety
We wondered: what else other than price and volume can gauge a symbol's actionability? The timing and quantity of message board posts around a symbol. We experimented with aggregating data from stock message boards and stumbled on a methodology of gauging daily relative strength of discussions (anxiety) around a given symbol. Then we plotted it along with price, volume and the other key gauges and noticed a powerful correlation between our berserker and social gauges. When there's lots of people anxious about a stock you know there's money ripe for the taking. Observe Barnes & Nobles' stock prices around the time Social anxiety peaks:
Notice the large surges in Berserker and Social Gauges around Gamestop's pops and drops:
Our prospecting platform has a powerful capability not found anywhere else: you can search for symbols with a high, low, or 'big move in' Social gauge. This filter can be used in conjunction with all of our other proprietary gauges and technical filters. In an upcoming video we'll show you many different combinations of filters with Social gauge that result in unique and actionable trading leads. When criteria are combined, the prospecting engine becomes a powerful tool for targeting highly actionable leads:
Together they tell a Meaningful Story
The building blocks for finding highly actionable leads were now in place. After we finished the code to crunch all the gauge data to utilize in our prospecting system and output them together onto the stock profile page (under the price and volume chart) we were hit with another revelation. So much juice all in one place. Pulmatrix chart.. a beautiful orchestration of Elas reversal, Berserker breakout, and Social surge:
Berserker, Flux, Elasticity, and Social gauges plotted together with price and volume reveal a story and provide valuable context for planning a long or short setup for particular symbol. Now we look forward to every trading day so we can continually put our platform into action. combined use of criteria yield highly targeted set of actionable leads:
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